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Healthy City Design 2020

HCD 2020: Urban agendas: the impact of Covid-19

By SALUS User Experience Team 04 Feb 2021 0

This session began with a theoretical commentary on the response to Covid-19 and its impact, followed by two papers exploring the experiences of communities in Asia.


Roderick Lawrence, honorary professor at the University of Geneva, argued that the pandemic should be considered as a societal challenge that is a test for systemic thinking and concerted actions in the context of uncertainty. He described the virtuous relations between three prerequisite conditions – multilevel governance; knowledge and types of resources; and individual and collective behaviours – that should be combined in transdisciplinary responses by concerted action.

Speakers from the Architectural Services Department of the HKSAR, Hong Kong, showcased some quarantine camps in Hong Kong. Lessons learnt from project procurement, site selection, master layout planning, modular design, manufacturing, and delivery were shared, along with ways to strengthen society’s infrastructure to cope with future crises.

Rhay Daniel R Racoma, from the Centre for Neighbourhood Studies in the Philippines, presented a study on how neighbourhood-level actions contribute to the country’s national-level quarantine plan. The study covered 10 neighbourhoods and barangays in both the capital city (Manila City) and regional city (Batangas City) in the Philippines. Their perception and experiences during the quarantine were explored, primarily focusing on the neighbourhoods’ healthcare systems, administration management, community norms, and innovative practices.

This session was kindly supported by Ryder Architecture.