Concessions for event partner members – apply now

We’re delighted to offer a fantastic 15% saving on four-day tickets to members of our event partners.   undefined - undefined


Our full list of event partners for the Healthy City Design 2020 Congress is as follows:


  • The Academy of Urbanism
  • Barcelona Institute for Global Health – ISGlobal
  • Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health
  • Cities & Health journal
  • C3 Collaborating for Health
  • Design Council
  • European Union’s URBACT programme – the Health & Greenspace Action Planning Network
  • Health and Wellbeing in Planning Peer Support Network
  • Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN)
  • International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD)
  • International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP)
  • Mike Nightingale Fellowship
  • Nursing Now
  • Research Design Connections
  • Salzburg Global
  • Town and Country Planning Association
  • UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering
  • Urban Design Group
  • WorkTech Academy


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Free keynote speaker book with all four-day tickets

And the offers don’t stop there. Anyone who wishes to purchase a four-day ticket will also receive a FREE copy of keynote speaker Lord Crisp’s new book, Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs.


Published by SALUS in June 2020, the book tells the stories of many different ‘health creators’ who are challenging our assumptions about health. Lord Crisp will be delivering a keynote talk on the book and its key themes in the opening plenary session on Tuesday 1 December.


As Health is made at home explains, while recognising the heroic efforts of NHS frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been up to us, the general public, how far and how fast the virus spreads. There will still be a vital role for us when this pandemic is over because the NHS can’t by itself deal with many of today’s major health problems such as loneliness, stress, obesity, poverty and addictions. It can only react, doing the repairs but not dealing with the underlying causes.


Health is made at home challenges us to set aside our normal assumptions and take off our NHS spectacles to see the world differently and take control of our health. And it calls for a new partnership between the NHS, government and the public to build a healthy and health-creating society.


• Book your virtual pass now. And if you’re a member of one of our event partners and eligible for our 15% discount offer on four-day tickets, click here to apply for a discount code or contact the event partner direct.