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Created in 2015, Visualite is a unique lighting system that incorporates a light source and be-spoke image into one, to create a relaxing ambience designed to calm anxiety and enhance wellbeing. Ceiling and wall installations have reported to be a great distraction that have reduced instances of claustrophobia and stress, while increasing patient throughput and turning a very sterile environment into a fun, colourful place to be in.

As well as choosing from any of our beautiful high definition images we can also incorporate your own images, and artwork to provide the personalised product which you desire. Feel the warm embrace of daylight shining down from the ceiling with the magnificent blue-sky scene, or gaze across iconic landscapes no matter where you are. Years of continuous development now enable us to be ahead of the game, providing exciting simulations for any scenario.
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Steven Nelson
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YESSS House, Unit B, Foxbridge WayNormanton WF6 1TN, UK