Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN)

The Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) is a sophisticated network bringing together housing, health and social care professionals in England, Wales and Scotland to exemplify innovative housing solutions for an ageing population.

Recognised by government and the housing-with-care sector as a leading ‘knowledge hub’ on specialist housing, our online and regional networked activities aim to:

• connect people, ideas and resources to inform and improve the range of housing choices that enable older and disabled people to live independently;
• share market insight and intelligence on the latest funding, research, policy and innovative developments to spread practice faster; and
• engage with industry to raise the profile of specialist housing with developers, commissioners and providers, in order to plan, design and deliver aspirational housing for an ageing population.
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Jeremy Porteus
Chief Executive
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Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN)
C/o PRP, the Ideas Store, 10 Lindsey Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1A 9HP